Waves (Single)


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released June 7, 2014



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ITHERIOT is an awkward, two-piece electropop group out of Michigan. The band consists of Jeff Ayling and Derek Andersen, both contributing to Lyrics, Vocals, Programming and Production. The band is currently working on their first full length LP entitled "Change". ... more

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Track Name: Waves
[Verse 1]
I've been seeing my dreams
Through dark crystals
They've been bending the light
That's been catching my eye

If refraction's a thing
That bends and twines
My perception of love
And to whom it lies

Then please tell me how
I'm wrong about this
Could I be missing the point
Of your wine stained lips

I've been ripping the seams
With small missiles
They've been killing the lies
That bother my mind

[Chorus] - Both
‘Cause when the waves flow
Over the edge then we’ll fall out
Pull the plug, ‘cause we’re drowning in our love

‘Cause when the waves flow
Over our faces we’ll swallow
All the while we’ll know that this is all we’ve got

[Verse 2]
I’ve been looking at you
Through dark crystals
They’ve been holding me down
Now I’m trying to get out

If your hero don’t mind
I’d like to try
My perception of love
On whom it lies

Back and forth in my head
I hear your voice
Tell me “It’s alright,
You’re the hero of choice”

I’ve been fantasizing
Too much to know
What is real and what’s not
What’s away and what’s home



[Verse 3]
I’ve been staining my eyes
With dark crystals
They’ve been clouding my thoughts
Overcasting my heart

Now I stand in the waves
Just holding on
To whatever I can
Wading into the flood