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Newest EP by Michigan Electropop band ITHERIOT. All of the songs here will be featured on the upcoming full-length album "Change", expected to be out mid-2014.


released December 3, 2013



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ITHERIOT is an awkward, two-piece electropop group out of Michigan. The band consists of Jeff Ayling and Derek Andersen, both contributing to Lyrics, Vocals, Programming and Production. The band is currently working on their first full length LP entitled "Change". ... more

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Track Name: Fatal Flaws
[Verse 1]
Oh this house has seen days better
But her eyes have since bled redder
And I feel that I can’t feel you anymore
There’s a chair against the door
Lit matches litter the floor

Again, again
Needles and pins
They say it’s natural
I know it’s more than that
Knowing is half the battle

I live, I live
To see the day
You rise above the troubles
I know it’s more than said
I know I left the rubble

There’s a bullet in the street
There’s writing on the walls
Your family’s asleep
Pointing out your flaws

You've a problem with trust
I blame it on the lust
Your family’s asleep
Poor family

[Verse 2]
Your room is falling apart
And you've seized the means to get far
Away and it’s not too far for you now
You refuse to take a bow
Show me how you made it out

It just started
But now it’s gone
Where it was bound to go
Guess you should take it slow
Slowly the smoke will billow

You hope they live
Despite the rage
You’re just a weeping willow
You toss with teary eyes
Poor family, rest in pillows


[Bridge] (2x)
You've been gone for too long
Time for you to come home
You've been down for too long
Run me off the road

[Chorus] (2x)
Track Name: Devils
Father always warned me
To keep my eyes out
For the devils, devils

Father always told me
To choose the better
Of both evils, evils

[Verse 1]
Like a flag in the wind
Your rippled skin
Shows me who you are
Shows me where you've been

Like a snake, in a pinch
You shed your skin
Shows me who you were
The state that you were in

Go on now
I don’t know where you've gone now
You fell to earth but somehow
You kept on falling through

Left you
So someone else could love you
I’m running out of fuel
To feed this fire


[Verse 2]
Like a child, you pretend
Yeah, you pretend
You’re invincible
But you’re irrational

Like a boy, no handle bars
You’re letting go
Try to show the world
That you can pull it off

Gone now
I don’t know where we've gone now
We fell for us but somehow
We kept falling through

Left you
But I don’t want to leave you
But I am only preaching
To the choir


[Verse 3]
Drop the games, drop the act
And I’ll come crawling back
Devils on your shoulder
Ready to attack

Take my hand, my father said
To leave what you can’t hold
But it’s worth the fight
So I keep holding tight

[Chorus] (2x)
Track Name: Darling
[Verse 1]
Hello darling
How’s your life?
Is it easier
Without your knife?
40 days and
40 nights
You are starving
But you’re alright

Do you know
How far you’re gonna go with this?
You pray
But in such ignorance
Who knows?
Maybe this could be bliss
So just wait for this
You've gotta wait for this

[Verse 2]
Your wounds are healed
And you’re on strike
You see your life
In fluorescent light
Mirror after mirror
Breaks every night
Image shattered
But you’re alright


A picket fence
Means no offence
To someone like that

It makes no sense
There's no suspense
With a -ship like that

These dotted lines
Are so sublime
Inside our heads

You’re getting sick
From all of this
The water’s red